You are looking for a cleaning lady in Brugg - Baden area?

While you go to work, looking after your children or just want to enjoy your spare time, you are looking for somebody who looks dependably after your household? Somebody who cleans, washes or irons? 

Do you want to come home after a long working day and everything is done? Your home looks tidy, clean and somebody did the shopping?

You can relax and have more time for the important things in your live. 

These are your advantages, if you decide on "glänzend-geputzt" GmbH

The employee is insured (accident-insured, operational liability insurance, AHV)

The same employee always comes to your house.

We provide all necessary materials.

We create an object description for consistent quality.

As customer you don't need to look for anything.

You can discontinue service at any time - that gives you the possibility to be flexibel. 

At the end of every month you receive an invoice.

"glänzend-geputzt"  GmbH offers you a choice of different services for your house cleaning.  Have a look and find the help that fits your needs best.

  • House Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Ironing Service
  • Home Sitting
  • Shopping Service
  • Removal Cleaning

"glänzend-geputzt" GmbH              Phone:  076 722 82 70             E-Mail:

5234 Villigen

Silke Junghans                          

Managing Director