House Cleaning Service for Brugg - Baden Area

                                                   House Cleaning


  • clean cooker, sink, fittings, table, chairs
  • kitchen cabinets, kitchen counter
  • vacuum / wipe floor, clean dustbin


  • clean shower, bathtub, sink
  • fittings, mirrors, tiles
  • WC, wipe floor                                                         

          Living room/ Bedroom

  • vacuum sofa / armchair,  dust lamps, doors
  • dust shelves / furniture, change bed lines 
  • vacuum carpet / or wipe floor

House Cleaning will be accomplished according to a colour system to avoid spreading germs and a

35 points check list provides that nothing will be forgotten.

"glänzend-geputzt" GmbH              Phone:  076 722 82 70          E-Mail:

5234 Villigen

Silke Junghans                                                

Managing Director